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Cinema sound designers

Damian Candusso is a multi-award winning sound designer with over 15 years industry experience in film, animation, games and music. Some of his recent credits include:  Happy Feet 2, Sanctum, The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ha’Hoole, Daybreakers, Australia, and the 79th Academy Award winner for Best Animated Feature Film, Happy Feet. Other projects include To Catch a Fire, Candy, Little Fish and Anacondas. Currently Damian is a sound effects editor on the Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation of The Great Gatsby.
Damian has been nominated for two Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Awards  (U.S.A) for his work, including Australia, and again in 2007 for Happy Feet. He has worked on several Australian Film Institute (AFI) and Independent Film (IF) Award winning films, as well as being the winner of several Australian Screen Sound Guild (ASSG) awards.
In 2002, Damian received the Centenary Medal for Contribution to Australian Culture for his work in the Australian film industry, an award presented by the Commonwealth of Australia, on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II. Damian has also been recognised by the City Of Los Angeles for his contribution to the Motion Picture Sound Editors Board of Directors, which he is the first ever Australian to serve.
Recent credits include
2013               The Great Gatsby (sound effects editor)
2011               Happy Feet Two (sound effects editor)
2011               Sanctum (sound effects editor)
2010               Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (sound effects editor)
2010               Primal (sound effects editor)
2009               Daybreakers (sound designer, sound effects editor)
2008               Australia (sound effects editor)

In 2008, Carlos Choconta started his career in film sound by being a Boom operator & Sound Recordist for short films during his studies in Audio, Acoustics and Illumination Design at The University of Sydney. At the same time he took the opportunity to work on the audio post production for several of those projects. In 2010 he was part of the crew in the romantic comedy Up The Aisle and his work was extended to post production covering ADR, Foley and Sound Design. He was also involved in the production of the drama Brush (SoundRecordist/Boom Op) and the audio post for the feature film Horizons Crossing (Audio Editing/Sound Design). In 2011 he contributed to the feature films Sleeping Warrior (Boom Op), Suppose The Night (Boom Op/Sound Recordist) and the documentary Strategies of Survival from Below (Audio Editor). In 2012 he worked as an acoustic consultant for TTM Group and is always looking to apply his numerous skills on new projects.
2012               Missing Pieces (post production sound)
2011               Deadside (series) (sound recordist)
2011               Are you serious? (sound mixer)
2011               Decline (sound recordist)
2011            Promise (sound recordist)
2011               Precognition (sound recordist)
2011               Are You For Real, Santa? (sound designer)
2011               Strategies of Survival from below (audio editor)
2011               Suppose The Night (Taste Like Sugar) (feature) (sound mixer)
2011               Brush (feature) (sound recordist)
2011               Are you Serious (short) (boom operator, sound mixer)
2011               Equilateral (sound recordist)
2010               Up the aisle (feature) (sound recordist)

Since 1995 Tom Heuzenroeder has worked as a sound designer for film and television, both in Australia and abroad. In 2006, he received an AFI award for his sound design work on Ten Canoes by Rolf de Heer. Tom has also been nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Glass: A Portrait Of Philip In Twelve Parts by Scott Hicks. Recently, Tom has worked with a facility in Wales (U.K), sound editing for Doctor Who. Other credits include:

2016        Ali’s Wedding (sound designer) / (supervising sound editor)

2016        Boys in the Trees (sound designer)

2016/     Embrace (Documentary) (additional sound editor) / (sound recordist)

2016/     The Darkness (sound effects editor)

2016       Wolf Creek (TV Mini-Series) (sound effects editor – 4 episodes)

2015       Girl Asleep (additional sound editor)

2015       Michelle’s Story (Documentary short) (sound designer)

2015        Highly Strung (Documentary) (sound designer) / (sound effects editor)

2015        A Month of Sundays (sound editor: sound designer)

2015        The New Adventures of Figaro Pho (TV Series) (sound designer)

2015        Another Country (Documentary) (sound designer)

2015         Force of Destiny (re-recording mixer) / (sound designer) / (sound editor)

2015          Bluey (Short) (re-recording mixer) / (sound editor)

2014          The Agony of Ecstasy (TV Movie documentary) (re-recording mixer)

2014          One Eyed Girl (sound designer)

2014          Anzac Girls (TV Mini-Series) (supervising sound editor – 6 episodes)

2014          My Long Neck (Documentary) (sound mixer)

2013           The Darkside (sound effects editor)

2013           52 Tuesdays (additional sound design)
2012               Storm Surfers 3D (documentary) (sound effects editor)
2012               The King Is Dead (sound designer)
2011-2012      Danger 5 (TV series) (sound re-recording mixer – 7 episodes)
2012               Wish You Were Here (foley editor)
2011               Shirley (TV movie) (additional ADR recordist – uncredited)
2011/IV          The Hunter (sound effects editor)
2011/II           The Palace (short) (sound designer, sound editor)
2011/I            Collision (short) (sound effects editor)
2011               Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure (documentary) (sound effects editor)
2011               Le mec idéal (sound re-recording mixer)
2011               The Dragon Pearl (sound effects editor)
2011               Life in Movement (documentary) (sound editor)
2011               Stunt Love (documentary short) (sound effects editor)
2011               Red Dog (sound effects recordist – uncredited)
2010               Cropped (short) (sound designer, sound re-recording mixer)
2100               P.O.V. (TV documentary) (sound designer – sound editor – sound re-recording mixer)
2010               Salt (sound designer, sound editor, sound re-recording mixer)
2010/II            The Kiss (short) (sound designer, sound re-recording mixer)

Since 2007, John Kassab has been working as sound designer, re-recording mixer and sound editor on shorts, documentaries and animation. In 2010, John received a Winston Churchill Fellowship for his research project ‘The State of Post-Production Film Sound’.
Some of his professional awards are:
2010               Australian Screen Sound Guild, Best Achievement in Sound for The Lost Thing
2010               Australian Screen Sound Guild, Nominated for Best Sound for Deeper Than Yesterday
2009               Australian Screen Sound Guild, Best Achievement in Sound for The Distance Between.
2008               Australian Screen Sound Guild, Best Achievement in Sound for Monkeynaut.
Credits include:
2012               Playpals (short) (sound designer) (completed)
2012               The End (short) (sound designer)
2012               The Tortoise (short) (sound designer)
2012               Mindseye (short) (sound designer)
2012               Full Circle (short) (sound designer)
2012               Cabbit (short) (sound designer)
2012               KIN (short) (sound designer)
2012               Vessel (short) (co-supervising sound designer)
2011               The Oscar Winner Short Films Animation The Lost Thing (sound designer)
2011               Childhood of a Circle (short) (sound designer, sound mixer)
2011/I             Closing In (short) (sound designer)
2011               Husband, Father, Son (short) (sound designer, sound mixer)

For over 20 years Markus Kellow has been working as a sound designer, sound editor, sound supervisor, Foley artist and composer. Markus Kellow began piano lessons at age 8 and composing at 12, soon developing a love for the visual arts. While working in rock bands in the ’90s, Markus has practised all aspects of audio and film-making including set design. In addition to his freelance work, Markus lectures on sound design at RMIT, and recently completed a bachelor of arts there, creating an award winning short film in the process.
He has won awards for sound design, dialogue editing and audio mixing. Markus won an award at the Australian Screen Sound Guild (2009, shared with Doron Kippen). Markus enjoys blurring the division between the musical and non-musical in order that the combined harmonics of music, dialogue and sfx become one in an emotional sense. He feels that all sound is harmonic and that this attribute can be used to help guide the audience and enhance storytelling.
Recent credits include:
2012               Forget the Noise (short) (dialogue editor, sound designer, sound mixer)
2012               Not Drowning, Waving (short) (sound effects editor)
2012               The Game (short) (sound designer, sound mixer)
2012               Bino (short) (foley artist, sound designer)
2012               Core Competencies (short) (boom operator, sound editor, sound mixer)
2011               Bonegilla (short) (sound designer)
2011               The Sleep of Reason (short) (sound production)
2011               The Applicant (short) (sound designer, sound mixer)
2011               Rex Arena (short) (sound designer, sound mixer)
2011               Pinball (short) (sound editor, sound mixer, sound recordist)
2011               Two Guys in a Backyard (short) (sound designer, sound mixer)

Since 2009, Evan Kitchener has worked as worked in many capacities on TV series, and feature-length videos.
After studying audio engineering at RMIT, Evan Kitchener focused his skills to work in the medium of film as a Sound Designer and Composer. Apart from his long time association with the Dank Films/Southside Productions house responsible for the dark features Bad Habits (2007-2009) and Burlesque (2010). His feature credits also include the horror zombie comedy From Parts Unknown (2012), Asian pop-culture story Citizen Jia Li (2011), Infinite Shades Of Grey (2011) as well as a score of other Australian films, musicals, documentaries, TV and games. He is currently working on the musical score and sound design for his latest collaboration with the Dank Films/Southside Productions house Only The Young Die Good, a black and white Noir thriller.
2013              Last Night (sound editor, sound mixer)
2011              Infinite Shades of Grey (sound recordist)
2011              Citizen Jia Li (sound editor)
2010/II           Burlesque (sound recordist and music composer)
2009              Bad Habits (ADR,mixer, sound effects editor, sound recordist and music composer)
Over the past few years Ben Vlad has been working on TV series as sound editor, sound mixer, sound designer and sound effect editor.

Ben Vlad’s credits include:
2011               Sinbad and the Minotaur (TV movie) (sound editor, sound mixer)
2009-2010      K9 (TV series) (sound designer
2010               Beauty and the Beast (sound mixer)
2009               Regeneration (sound designer, sound mixer)
2009               Leader of the Pack (short) (sound)
2008               FarmKids (TV series) (post-production, sound effects editor, all 11 episodes)

Michael Worthington has been working as sound designer, sound editor, sound supervisor and Foley artist on features, documentaries and TV series.
Michael Worthington owns and operates Soundworthy, a music mastering and film sound studio in the Byron Bay hinterland. Over the last twenty years Michael has honed his art at various locations, Recording, Mixing and Mastering. most notably as Mastering Engineer at Rockinghorse Studios, Byron Bay, and working from his home studio,
Having a love for Cinema and Film, Michael focused his interest on surround sound in the mid ’90s, experimenting with, and researching industry practices in, surround sound in both film and music.  Michael’s talent has attracted composers and directors to engage him into sound design and 5.1 mixing from across the globe, a combination of creative elements Michael refers to as Surround Design.
Recent credits include:
2011               Wrath (sound designer: Soundworthy, sound mixer)
2010               Grief, India, Finn & I (video documentary short) (sound editor, sound mixer)
2009               Collective Moments of Madness (documentary) (sound editor, sound mixer)
2007               Mu (short) (sound re-recording mixer)
2006               Whaledreamers (documentary) (additional surround sound mixer and designer)

script writer

Roger Monk wrote the feature film Walking On Water (2002) the most nominated Australian film of 2002, winning the Australian Film Institute, Independent Film and Critics Circle awards for best script along with the Teddy award and Siegessaule prize at the 2002 Berlin Film Festival.
Roger was co-creator, writer and associate producer of TV series of East of Everything for ABC TV (2009/10). Roger wrote for Dance Academy (2010) and The Secret Life of Us (2003) and was short listed for the 2004 Queensland Premiers Literary awards for the TV series Love Bytes (Fox Aust & UK Shine).  In 2007, Roger attended Binger Film lab in Amsterdam with the feature project Dance For Me.  The drama/thriller set in Johannesburg was also selected for Aurora in 2010.
Roger Monk is currently head writer for ABC3′s new young adult series Lost Boys for Matchbox Pictures. Roger is also in development with a romantic comedy feature film Romeo & Cheryl, which has been supported by a Film Victoria’s Writer’s Fellowship.

storyboard artist

Benjamin Leon is a graphic illustrator who produces visuals for marketing industries and advertising agencies.
Benjamin is also a trained storyboard artist.

Damian Candusso | Carlos Choconta | Tom Heuzenroeder | John Kassab | Markus Kellow | Evan Kitchener | Ben Leon | Roger Monk | Ben Vlad | Michael Worthington