About I.D

Isabelle artistic and professional career started in Europe as a press and documentary photographer.
She then applied her photographic skills in the U.S.A and Australia. Her documentary photographic work has been included in group shows. In 1989, Isabelle started working with 2D and 3D digital paintboxes and animation software. Her digital imagery was first exhibited in Sydney in 1990 and in most state capitals as well as in the U.S.A and the UK.

Isabelle holds a MFA by Research (UNSW, Sydney). This project focused on the notion of consciousness and regaining sensory awareness after epileptic events. ‘Epileptograph: the Internal Journey’, exhibited throughout Australia and internationally, was an art practice and academic inquiry that became a valuable interdisciplinary vehicle in the joined domains of art, health and science.

Her PhD research (Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia) examined the relationships between acoustic ecologies and cinema sound design. The research’s unique methodology makes it a cross-pollination tool able to reach diverse audiences thus generating an alternative approach to acoustic ecologies and sound awareness.


recent publications and conferences.

  • Delmotte, I. (2020). Phenomenological imagination, ethics, and empathy: The case of epilepsy. Cinema : Journal of Philosophy and the Moving Image, (11), 79-96.
  • Delmotte, I. (2019). Neurological choreography: the case of epilepsy. In CSAA Conference 2019: Cultural Transformations. Conference held University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.
  • Delmotte, I. (2020). From feeling vibrations to building audiovisual scenes: The perceptual practice ‎of storytelling with sound. In M. Filimowicz (Ed.), Foundations in Sound Design for Linear Media: A Multidisciplinary Approach (1st ed.). NY: Routledge.
  • Delmotte, I. (2018). Audio and visual representations of neurological impairments: The case of epilepsy in movies. In 7th European Communication Conference: Centres and Peripheries: Communication, Research, Translation. Conference held in Lugano, Switzerland.
  • More publications at this address (Waikato University Profile page)
March 2021 Soundtrack creation:
The Interculturalist. Soundtrack (15mins). Part Two of the play ‘Adventures in Failures’ by Declan Patrick [Theatre]. New Athenaeum Theatre, Dunedin, New Zealand. 26 Mar 2021-27 Mar 2021.
October 2020 Soundtrack creation:
The Interculturalist. Soundtrack (15mins). Part Two of the play ‘Adventures in Failures’ by Declan Patrick [Theatre]. Playhouse Theatre, Gallagher Academy of the Performing Arts, Hamilton, New Zealand. 30 Oct 2020. Retrieved from
February 2017 Text and sound:
On the inner-perceived sound objects. In J. Burzynska & R. B. Keys (Eds.), Writing Around Sound (The Contemporary Sound Object). (Vol. 3, pp. 3-10): Cantabrian Society for Sonic Artists).
Accompanying soundtrack: http://auricle.org.nz/writing- around-sound-3-the-contemporary-sound-object/on-the-inner- perceived-sound-objects/
October 2016 (solo) Sight (in) audible [multi-media installation, audio, moving image and texts]. Creative Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. 17 Oct-29 Oct 2016 (Exhibition)
March 2014 (Solo)  ‘Sounding Out Frames‘. [multi-media installation, audio, moving image and texts] The Lismore Regional Gallery, Lismore, NSW, Australia. 08 Feb 2014 – 30 Mar 2014 (Exhibition). http://www.lismoregallery.org/
March 2013 (Solo) Inaudible Visions, Oscillating Silences: Acoustic ecologies meet cinema sound design. Creative participant, curator and designer. Multi-media installations.
Northern Rivers Community Gallery, Ballina, NSW, Australia.
November 2010 Participation to Synergy 1 + 1 >2, a group exhibition product of a workshop on art & science. SCU Next Gallery Lismore, NSW, Australia
June 2002 “Byte me”: group exhibition of Digital Art, PHOTOtechnica gallery, Sydney, Australia
April 1999 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey  in “Seize”: a multi-media group exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
March 1998 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey : Video Wall of “Foldback”, a forum and exhibition event of the Adelaide Festival, Australia
Nov.1997 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey  in “Art Inter Change”: fundraising exhibition at the Children’s Hospital, Westmead, Sydney
May 1997 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey ” in Sounds States Uncertain Destinations”, group exhibition, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Australia.
March 1997 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey in “Cyberculture ’97”: digital media group exhibition, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney, Australia.
Oct.1996. Epileptograph: the Internal Journey: Inclusion to “Deep Screen Diving”, Institute of Contemporary Art, London U.K. Video work.
April 1996  (Solo) Epileptograph: the Internal Journey. Solo exhibition Multi-media installation. The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia.
November 1995  (Solo) Epileptograph: the internal journey. Solo exhibition, Multi-media installation. Artspace, Wooloomooloo, Sydney, Australia.
1994 Printing of a still frame of Epileptograph for the Billboard project, the Open Museum, Liverpool, NSW, Australia.
1994 * Epileptograph: the Internal Journey at American Neurology Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana (Included in “From the Storm” project).
* Epileptograph: the Internal Journey at the Canadian Academy of Neurology Annual Congress, St Johns Island, Newfoundland, Canada. (Included in “From the Storm” project)
* Epileptograph: the Internal Journey at the American National Epilepsy Association Conference, Washington D.C , U.S.A. (Included in “From the Storm” project)
November 1993 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey in “From the Storm”: multi-media group exhibition, Do While Studio, Boston, U.S.A.
October 1993 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey in “Tekno Viscera”, group exhibition: women and technology. Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia.
February 1993 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey in “Bits of this, Bytes of that II”, Art and Technology Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
July 1992 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey : Masters of Art students’ semester show; U.N.S.W, COFA, Sydney, Australia.
Oct. 1991 OTC Technical Art exhibition, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, Australia
Sept. 1990 Virtual Landscapes”, Artspace, Sydney, Australia
June 1985 & June ’84 Two years with the Butchers of the Rungis Markets . Documentary photography. Black and White Argentiques, the Mediatine Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.