Selected exhibitions and creative outputs

Soundtrack for theatre play:
Delmotte, I. (2020). The Interculturalist. Soundtrack (15mins). Part Two of the play ‘Adventures in Failures’ by Declan Patrick [Theatre]. Playhouse Theatre, Gallagher Academy of the Performing Arts, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from
February 2017 Text and sound:
On the inner-perceived sound objects. In J. Burzynska & R. B. Keys (Eds.), Writing Around Sound (The Contemporary Sound Object). (Vol. 3, pp. 3-10): Cantabrian Society for Sonic Artists).
Accompanying soundtrack: around-sound-3-the-contemporary-sound-object/on-the-inner- perceived-sound-objects/
October 2016 (Solo) Sight (in) audible [multi-media installation, audio, moving image and texts].
Creative Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. 17 Oct-29 Oct 2016 (Exhibition)
March 2014 (Solo)
 ‘Sounding Out Frames‘. [multi-media installation, audio, moving image and texts] The Lismore Regional Gallery, Lismore, NSW, Australia. 08 Feb 2014 – 30 Mar 2014 (Exhibition).
March 2013 (Solo) Inaudible Visions, Oscillating Silences: Acoustic ecologies meet cinema sound design. Creative participant, curator and designer. Multi-media installations.
Northern Rivers Community Gallery, Ballina, NSW, Australia.
November 2010 Participation to Synergy 1 + 1 >2, a group exhibition product of a workshop on art & science. SCU Next Gallery Lismore, NSW, Australia
June 2002 “Byte me”: group exhibition of Digital Art, PHOTOtechnica gallery, Sydney, Australia
April 1999 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey  in “Seize”: a multi-media group exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
March 1998 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey : Video Wall of “Foldback”, a forum and exhibition event of the Adelaide Festival, Australia
Nov.1997 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey  in “Art Inter Change”: fundraising exhibition at the Children’s Hospital, Westmead, Sydney
May 1997 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey ” in Sounds States Uncertain Destinations”, group exhibition, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, Australia.
March 1997 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey in “Cyberculture ’97”: digital media group exhibition, Casula Powerhouse, Sydney, Australia.
Oct.1996. Epileptograph: the Internal Journey: Inclusion to “Deep Screen Diving”, Institute of Contemporary Art, London U.K. Video work.
April 1996  (Solo) Epileptograph: the Internal Journey. Solo exhibition Multi-media installation. The Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne, Australia.
November 1995  (Solo) Epileptograph: the internal journey. Solo exhibition, Multi-media installation. Artspace, Wooloomooloo, Sydney, Australia.
1994 Printing of a still frame of Epileptograph for the Billboard project, the Open Museum, Liverpool, NSW, Australia.
1994 * Epileptograph: the Internal Journey at American Neurology Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana (Included in “From the Storm” project)
* Epileptograph: the Internal Journey at the Canadian Academy of Neurology Annual Congress, St Johns Island, Newfoundland, Canada. (Included in “From the Storm” project)
* Epileptograph: the Internal Journey at the American National Epilepsy Association Conference, Washington D.C , U.S.A. (Included in “From the Storm” project)
November 1993 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey in “From the Storm”: multi-media group exhibition, Do While Studio, Boston, U.S.A.
October 1993 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey in “Tekno Viscera”, group exhibition: women and technology. Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia.
February 1993 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey in “Bits of this, Bytes of that II”, Art and Technology Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
July 1992 Epileptograph: the Internal Journey : in Masters of Art students’ semester show; U.N.S.W, COFA, Sydney, Australia.
Oct. 1991 OTC Technical Art exhibition, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, Australia
Sept. 1990 Virtual Landscapes”, Artspace, Sydney, Australia
June 1985 & June ’84 Two years with the Butchers of the Rungis Markets . Documentary photography. Black and White Argentiques, the Mediatine Gallery, Brussels, Belgium.