Exhibition # 2, february_2014

tryptic-night_small-verticalSounding Out Frames (2014)

In the 24/7 Window @ The Lismore Regional Gallery (Lismore, NSW, Australia)

Exhibition  # 2 // 8 February – 30 March 2014

This modular installation draws attention to ambient noise and its role within cinematic language, examining the slippages between real and virtual soundscapes around the clock.

It occupies the front window of the building and highlights elements of the installation ‘Inaudible Visions, Oscillating Silences’. Outside speakers contribute to ambush people passing-by before any sighting of the visuals or text.

Soundtracks: Damian Candusso, Carlos Choconta, Isabelle Delmotte,Tom Heuzenroeder, John Kassab, Markus Kellow, Evan Kitchener, Ben Leon, Roger Monk, Ben Vlad, Michael Worthington.

Script: Roger Monk

Moving images: The Australian feature film Noise, director: Matthew Saville, Producer: Trevor Blainey

This exhibition is an initiative of the SCU Curatorial Lab.



Thank you to Dax CowanTGG Stacked Logo from the Good Guys in Ballina for sponsoring this modular exhibition with high-end screening equipment